It's time to start your adventures

we have made a very simple online university application system specifically designed for students. It provides the most updated scholarship and self finance study information with detailed explanation daily. Students can choose from the options that are most likely and favourable for them and apply quickely.

free consultation

• Ethioscholars provide the best consultation service for students to help them choose the suitable program and university.It provides the most updated and real information about the universities, programs and fee structures

Guarantee students admission

We guarantee students application 99%. Before Submitting students document we review the students qualifications and evaluate whether it fits the university requirement or not. If they do not qualify for the admission due to missing documents we help them to prepare all what is needed.

free shipment

We provide free postage services. when the admission documents are issued we post documents for free to students mailing address.

Visa application assistance

we help students get appointment by the respective embassy, buy travel insurance, assistance in preparing visa application documents and excellent orientation for the interview.

book flight ticket

Okay you get the visa! whats next? buying flight tickets. you dont need to worry about it, we will help you get the best market price to buy flight tickets.

Airport pick service

we will be waiting you by your arrival airport with enthusiastic welcome

Get a job

you may want to work full time or part time. well! we will direct you to our partner companies to do the work and get paid.

Apply for work visa

would you like to come to poland making a contract with our partner companies. contact us to get more informations

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