Zhejiang government provincial scholarship

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Zhejiang Provincial Government  scholarship

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Full scholarship for masters students which cover tuition fee, accommodation fee with monthly allowance of 3000rmb.

Students will be assigned to universities in Zhejiang province by allotted authorities according to their performance and major course.

  1. Students are required to pay insurance(800 rmb/year, medical examination(400rmb), residence permit(800rmb/year),
  2. The scholarship covers full of the tuition and accommodation fee
  3. Student is required to pay 1500rmb application fee before 20th January, the application fee is must be paid to apply for the jw visa application which will be issued in 5 working days. Late application fees and excuses will not be accepted.
  4. Admission authorities reserve the right to reject any application without giving any reason.
  5. All admission letters and jw202 will be posted in last week of January 2018
  6. The class will start from the first of march 2018
  7. Master duration is 2-3 years and students are required to participate in assessment at the end of each year or semester according to university requirement.
  8. Admission results will be released on 15th January>

Application deadline 31st dec 2017

Required documents:-

  1. Valid passport
  2. Bachelor transcript and degree
  3. Study plan/statement of proposal
  4. 2 recommendation letters from professors or associate professors
  5. Photo

Available courses

1- Structural Engineering

2- Geotechnical Engineering

3- Civil Engineering

4- Bridge & Tunnel Engineering

5- New Structural Materials Engineering

6- Chemistry (All Branches)

7- Food Science

8- Chemical Engineering

9- Biotechnology

10- Biochemical Engineering

11- Industrial Catalysis

12- Agriculture Resources Engineering

13- Mechatronics Engineering

14- Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

15- Vehicle Engineering

16- Energy Equipments Engineering

17- Mechanical Design Engineering

18- Materials Shaping Engineering

19- Logistics Technology Engineering

20- Reverse Design Engineering

21- Micro Optics Manufacturing Engineering

22- Automobile Services Engineering

23- Digital Design & Manufacturing Engineering

24- Computer Intelligent Engineering

25- Software Design & Development Engineering

26- Information Retrieval Engineering

27- Engineering Mathematics

28- Applied Mathematics

29- Engineering Design & Analysis

30- Applied Statistics

31- Micro and Nano Optic Engineering

32- Financial Engineering

33- Project Risk Forecast Engineering

33- Quantum Computing Engineering

34- Control Engineering

35- Robot & Sensor Engineering

36- Intelligent Equipments Engineering

37- Manufacturing & System Information Engineering

38- Photo Electric Detection Engineering

39- Intellisense & Computer Engineering

40- Bio Resource Engineering