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Ethioscholars is very simple online university application system specifically designed for Ethiopian students. It provides the most updated scholarship and self finance study information with detailed explanation daily. Students can choose from the options that are most likely and favourable for them and apply quickely with a time no more than 20 minutes and get their admission documents within 3 to 8 weeks.

Our services



  • Ethioscholars provide the best consultation service for students to help them choose the suitable program and university.It provides the most updated and real information about the universities, programs, fee structures and city levels.



  • It guarantee students application 99%. Before accepting students document ethioscholars agents review the students documents and evaluate whether it fits the university requirement or not. If he/she has low probability of getting accepted the student will be noticed to look for other options or start the application on his own risk, if he/she has good probability the agents will handle the case, process for the students on behalf of them and get the admission documents on time.


  • A wide variety of courses and universities to choose from. more than 1500 universities and 32,000 course selections available for bachelor masters and phd programs.



  •   We provide free postage services. When the admission documents are out we will post the document to the students address within 1 week for free.




  • Free accommodation booking service



  • assistance throughout study time:- if the students need any help in registration time and during their study time we are always available to help.
  • we receive the documents where we guarantee the students admission. in-case if we don’t get your documents on time, the applicants has the right to ask the application fee back within 3 days after the promised issue date.
  • students from local country mostly don’t have the access to credit cards and cant process online payments. when using ethioscholars online application system students will be able to pay all the required payments to any nearby local bank account.