Masters and Doctoral Scholarship

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China scholarship application
Masters and doctoral scholarship

Class starts:-September2018
I.Subsidized Target and Scholarship Coverage
1. Subsidized target: this scholarship program is aimed at assisting master’s degree and doctoral degree candidates.
2. Scholarship Coverage:——Scholarship recipients are exempt from tuition.
——Free on-campus accommodation.
——monthly living allowance (master’s degree students: 3,000RMB/month; doctoral degree students:3,500RMB/month).
——Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students in China.
Scholarship recipients registering on or before 15th of march 2018 month will be granted the full living allowance of that month. Recipients registering after 15th – 30th march 2018 of the registration month will be granted half of the living allowance of that month.
II. Qualifications for Scholarship Application
1. The applicant must be a foreign citizen in good health.
2. The applicant must not be a registered student in Chinese universities upon application
(graduates from Chinese universities must have been graduated for more than one year).
3. Education and Age Requirements:
The Applicant for master’s degree study should have obtained a bachelor’s degree or will
obtain a bachelor’s degree before July 2017 and not be older than 35; the applicant for doctoral
degree study should have obtained a master’s degree or will obtain a master’s degree before July
2017 and not be older than 40.
III. Field of Study
Doctoral Degree Programs
Chinese Philosophy
Foreign Philosophy
Political Economics
Public Finance
International Trade
World Economy
Transition Economics
Comparative Political Economy
Enterprise Management
Tourism Management
Technological Economics and Management
Population, Resources and Environmental Economics
Theory of Law
Civil Law and Commercial Law
Economic Law
Fundamental Principles of Marxism
Ideological and
Political Education
Literary and Artistic Theories